The Glagolica collection is inspired by the ancient Bulgarian alphabet created in the IX century by St. Kiril and his brother St. Methodius. The Glagolitic script is the oldest known Slavic alphabet. The letters of the alphabet are based on three elements with symbolic meaning: cross (symbol of religion), circle (symbol of universe) and triangle (symbol of the Saint Trinity). This alphabet is the base of all Slavic languages. Nowadays the Slavic languages are spoken by more than 300 million people in 10 countries. 

Our precious collection is designed in sterling silver and cubic zircons. Be unique and shine bright!

Find out which is your Glagolica letter by using our chart!



Only 8 of the Glagolic letters are different from the Latin pronunciation, so for deeper understanding of the alphabet and its meaning contact our team. We are always happy to assist you!